The Infinity Salon

                 Infinity Facial                     $50
   This deeply relaxing facial includes a deep pore cleansing utilizing steam, a gentle exfoliation, soothing facial massage followed by a customized masque, perfect for your skin type.
                Acne Facial                          $60
   The ultimate acne treatment. Deep pore cleansing under steam followed by bacteria fighting cleansers and masques, will aid in drying up blemishes & help prevent further breakouts.
             Seaweed Facial                   $65
   This treatment begins with a deep pore cleansing and enzyme exfoliation under steam.  A layer of pure Vitamin C and algae based hydrating lotion are massaged into the skin followed by a cool aqua seaweed masque. Your skin is left deeply hydrated with an afterglow that lasts!
              Four Layer Facial              $75
   The ultimate facial for all skin types. Layer upon layer of pure European seaweed & anti-oxidants rejuvenate , tone, firm & hydrate. The results are impressive. A visible smoother, hydrated complexion with an afterglow that lasts.


         Relaxation Massage      $30-60

   Calm your mind, body & spirit. Aroma therapy oils used for the Swedish massage will alleviate stiffness & fatigue while improving circulation.

         Mother to Be Massage         $60

   This massage is tailored specifically for expectant mother's needs & her changing body.Relaxes muscles, releases tension & fluid retention, improving circulation. A truly relaxing experience.

         Hot Stone Massage             $70

   A full-body massage encompassing warm stones with light to moderate pressure. Experience the time-honored practice which brings deep restorative rest. The stones are gently glided over the body, providing warmth that soothes your mind & muscles, increasing circulation, improves tone & induces tranquility.