Infinity Salon Points Reward Program

Infinity Salon Points Reward Program

The Infinity Salon Reward Program awards you points electronically in our database that can be redeemed for services and products.

This is a free program and is presented as a courtesy to all of our clients.

How Do I Get Started?

You don’t have to do a thing. All Infinity Salon clients are automatically enrolled in the program.

How Do I Accumulate Points?

It’s easy. In addition to accumulating10 points for every dollar you spend on services here at the Infinity

Salon, Salon Points are also accumulated through everyday transactions with our salon.
*10,000 Points for referring a new client to The Infinity Salon.
*500 Points for booking your next appointment at the time of checkout.
*300 Points for booking online
*20 Points for each dollar you spend on home care products.
*10 Points for each dollar you spend on services.

How Much Are Style Points worth?

1000 Salon Points=$1.00 credited to your Infinity Salon Point Account.
If you’ve been to our salon for any service, you have already earned points. You will find your Infinity Salon Point balance listed when you goto in to Online Appointment Service. You will need to register to get your user ID and password, then  you’ll be all set to book online or keep track ofyour points.

How Can I Redeem My Salon Points?

Much like frequent flier program, Salon Point

redemptions are subject to a few rules.
  1. Minimum Redemption. There is a 10,000 Minimum whenredeeming points.
  2. SalonPoints cannot be used toward Ohio sales Tax.
  3. SalonPoints cannot be earned on transactions whichutilize SalonPoints as payments.
  4. SalonPoints are not redeemable for cash.

Do SalonPoints expire?

Yes. Salon Points are accumulated on the calendar year,and expire at the end of the following year. Forexample, all Salon Points earned during the year 2012will expire December 31,2013.Salon Points earned during2013 , will expire on December 2014, etc… It is theclients responsibility to claim prior to expiration.

Are Salon Points affected if I cancel my appointment?

It depends. Since our rewards program is transactionbased, points are awarded at the time of the sale. Assuch, points earned for scheduling your appointmentduring your current visit are not awarded until theuntil that next visit occurs. If you cancel that nextappointment, the points would never be awarded. Also,points are deducted from your rewards account if youfail to keep an appointment without calling to let usknow. So long story short, please call to reschedule anyappointment you find you cannot keep and you’ll neverhave to worry about it!
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